Tea Cup

Tea Cup, with its 8 sqm studio space, is the smallest of our three tiny houses and accommodates 2 people in a charming 1-bedroom studio. In addition to the indoor studio, Tea Cup features a beautiful outdoor seating area, an outdoor, but private bathroom with a breeze, and an outdoor kitchenette with everything you need to cook a tiny meal, or heat up some food.



It comes with everything you need – nothing more, nothing less – but it’s definitely a unique stay in Tunis Village. A lofted bed (1.4 x 2m) , a cloth rack, a shelf, a table, chair and seating area. That’s your indoor space when booking Tea Cup…
Your outdoor space features a seating area, a fully equipped kitchenette and a tiny outdoor bathroom.



The lofted bed allows for maximum head height and for sitting up, which makes it perfect for reading … upstairs and downstairs …



Like everything at Barefoot in Tunis, we tried to use as many upcycled materials as possible. Tea Cup is almost 70% upcycled…From the entry door to the lofted bed that used to be old window shutters, to the walls, which are partly built with sandfilled plastic bottles.
As we tried to reduce our footprint, Tea Cup, with it’s 8 sqm indoor space, turned out to be the ultimate tiny house.