A Guide to The Roof

Welcome to The Roof by Barefoot in Tunis

We are so glad you came to Tunis Village. Now let’s get down to business: kick off your shoes (the place is called Barefoot after all), make yourself a tea and relax.

We are very happy that you have decided to book with us and hope you’ll have a great stay here at Barefoot in Tunis. Below are some information to help you during your stay with us.


The Roof will be ready any time after 2pm.

Please do let us know around what time you will arrive. A short message does the job (+2 0122 1625 834)


Check-out is at 11am.

If you want a later check out, please let us know before hand! Sometimes we have the time. In that case a late check out until 1 pm is free … But please don’t forget to let us know, otherwise we will have to consider it a late check-out and late check-out fees apply.

Our latest check-out is at 6 pm for an additional fee of 30€/ 1000 EGP.

How to find us?

When coming to Barefoot in Tunis using Google Maps, please DO NOT use Barefoot in Tunis as your location! Use Fayoum Pottery School instead.

Disclaimer: The location is correct, but Google will send you to the wrong side.

At the Pottery School: Keep the school to your right and continue straight. About 200 meters after the school you’ll see a little alley to your right. Take it (and yes, a car fits easily in it). There is also a small sign saying “Barefoot in Tunis”.
The alley takes a right turn. The last gate at the end of the alley is Barefoot in Tunis.
It’s about 600 meters from the Fayoum Pottery School to Barefoot in Tunis.

Taking care of The Roof

  • Please do not smoke inside The Room
  • Do your dishes
  • Take the garbage down befre you leave. You can put in the large wooden bin right next to the gate
  • Please always close the main gate after you
  • Be nice to other guests at Barefoot in Tunis and keep the noise down after 10 pm
  • If you bring a furry friend, please read this: Dog Etiquette
  • Enjoy your stay!

How The Roof takes care of you

  • Please help yourself with coffee/ Tea, Sugar etc.
  • the soap in the bathroom is organic and proudly made in Egypt
  • You can pick your fresh tea right from our garde. We’ve made you a list

Before you leave

  • empty the fridge
  • empty the garbage bins. You can put the garbage in the large wooden box next to the entry gate

Good to know

  • Feel free to use the fireplace on the roof. Just make sure to never leave the fire unattended and to put it out properly. You’ll find wood right below it
  • Unfortunately, we do not have Wifi yet. The cables are there, but we are not yet connected. Bear with us please…
  • A tok tok ride inside the village costs around 20 – 30 EGP
  • There are only three properly functioning ATMs in town. You’ll find one at the entry of Kom El Dikka Lodge, the other one on is at Palm Shadow Corner at the third one is on the main village road, opposite of the school
  • During rain and heavy storms, the power will cut. Sorry for that, but this is Egyptian village life. We put some candles in the room for this case

Best food in town

It is always recommended to call ahead and reserve a table…just to make sure to get a spot.

Almost all restaurants in town do deliver …

  • Ibis Restaurant (last order 20:30)
  • Kom El Dikka Restaurant (last order 20:30)
  • Sit el Beit (Mob: 0112 592 0199) for a fresh and hot Feteer delivered to you in the morning call them a day before)
  • Fish at Ras El Helal Camp at the Magic Lake (Mob: 0100 777 9152)

Must See

  • Have a coffee and cake at Ibis Restaurant and read the afternoon away in their little library.
  • Carricature Museum
  • Fields surrounding Tunis Village
  • Take a potery class at the Fayoum Pottery School
  • Visit the north side of the lake
  • A sunset at the Magic Lake.
  • Have a Tea on the upper terrace of Olive Tree Lodge and enjoy the beautiful view over the fields
  • A shop called “To a Skylark”. Mohamed has an eye for detail. His perfectly curated shop combines local craftsmanship with a unique and modern design.
  • We’ve made you a list of other things worth doing …

Pamper yourself

We want you to relax here at Barefoot in Tunis … so we got your back.

Leticia our local professional therapist comes right to you. She offers a range of services, but we highly recommend her massage sessions and hot stone therapy.

1h Massage 850 EGP

1h Hot Stone Therapy 950 EGP

Call Leticia to book your session: 0109 945 0285

Touring Tunis Village and surroundings

  • Driver from and to Cairo

Depending on your location one way costs between 750 EGP and 1000 EGP
Yasser: 0106 145 3360

Mustafa 0100 137 7391

  • Safari Drivers

a day trip costs around 1800 EGP per car; excluding the entry to the Protected Area. A car can take up to 4 persons.

  • Yasser: 0106 145 3360
  • Osam: 0122 531 2659
  • Etman: 0100 133 3781

  • Tok Tok Drivers
    Saber: 0101 591 3035
    Saad: 0101 003 6481

  • Best Tour Guide
    Mahmoud Kamel: 0106 145 4263; You also find him on Instagram: @fayoumer

  • Bird Watching Guides:
    Ahmed Mansour: 0100 377 9542

Groceries and Essentials

  • Kushk (small shop)
    • Call one of the tok tok drivers, if you are too lazy to move. All of the drivers have a small shop and deliver for a small fee, or pass by the pharmacy for you.
  • Alcohol: There is no shop selling alcohol, but the following restaurants serve local alcohol
    • Byoum Restaurant
    • Lazib Inn
    • contact us … We often have a selection of local brands availabe