Get a taste of tiny-home living with this eclectic tiny house in Tunis Village  Barefoot sleeps 3 people in a fully equipped bedroom and one lofted bed. It features a fully equipped kitchen, and an outdoor area (including a picnic table and fire pit), it might be tiny, but it has everything you need for a comfortable stay. When you aren’t enjoying the quirky décor or the outdoor living space, you can explore the charming Tunis Village, or the beautiful Western Desert nearby. With its 27 sqm Barefoot represents the perfect combination of rustic charm and modern necessities and design.Barefoot has one bedroom with a French Bed, one bathroom, a living room with a fully equipped kitchen. The lofted bed above the kitchen area is perfect to sleep an extra person. This fully insulated tiny home opens out onto a private deck and small garden. The fire pit and outside seating area are perfect for BBQs and the backyard of the house is home to the tiny, but heated Barefoot pool.

By focusing on the essentials of living, 27 sqm make for a comfortable and light flooded, fully insulated tiny wood house. Sustainability might be a buzzword to some, but for us, it is a way of life. Therefore, much of Barefoot was build with reclaimed wood. The skeletton of the house used to be old support beams of an Egyptian villa. All balcony doors, which there are two of, also used to beautify old Egyptian buildings; Same with the entry door. All grey water of the house is used to water the plants at the back of the house. And yes, Barefoot has an Air-condition, but trust us, 40 degrees Celsius in summer ain’t fun and because the place is small and well insulated, the smallest model on the market covers the whole house easily.

Your Bedroom is a light flooded separate room. The closet used to have a previous life as palettes before an Egyptian craftsmen turned them into today’s shape. The French bed might be from a Swedish company, but it’s second hand. 

The center piece is the all wooden bathroom that ensures the comfort of a hot shower at all times. 

The living room is a light flooded room with a couch, a table and NO TV, but a three meter high balcony door that opens up to the private wood deck and  garden. The Aircondition ensures that you are neither too hot, or too cold. If you wonder, whether the AC also covers the bedroom… yes, it does. 

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